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Playing Hooky  - Rita Webb

Absolutely loved this book, couldn't put it down.

Romance, Adventure, Magic and Unicorns what more could you ask for

Its Emma's 21st Birthday and nothing special is planned that is until her best friend in forever Jason shows up to take her on an adventure like no other. He surprises her with a trip to the circus but its no ordinary circus its filled with all kinds of magical creatures including unicorns and a siren. The real adventure begins when the siren is kidnapped to before a love spell. The two friends take up the challenge to get the Siren safely back to the circus. Many surprises are in store for Emma and Jason, sadly not all good. Will it bring the pair together or will someone keep them apart.


I had to read the next book in the series straight away Breaking Angelina

Breaking Angelina - Rita Webb, T.J. Webb

Loved it - devoured it just like the first book in the series.

Set before during and after the events in Playing Hooky. The story follows Angelina Emma's sister who has a terrible secret ever since she was a little girl she has been hearing voices in her head and they are not very nice, They want her to do things, things she wouldn't normally do and if she doesn't do what they want they hurt her. Soon she find herself stealing to pay Hunter a Chimaera to find her a Siren so she can perform a love spell on Jason her sister's best friend. Hunter find himself drawn to the tiny blond and feelings he thought he buried with his murdered wife and child soon begin to reserve there is something special about Angelina and she needs his help just not in the way she was expecting. Will the voices win or can Hunter save Angelina for the voices that threaten her sanity and those closest too her.

Can't wait to read the Taking Chances the next book in the series

Unlucky (The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist, #2) - Cynthia St. Aubin

As good as the first book - read it in one sitting

Full of laughs, a bit of suspense, sex and gold

Accused of stealing gold from an infamous Irish street Gang. Matilda is left with no choice but to make deal with Criux - one night with her if find the missing gold. Complicated matters is Flick the leprechaun who claims he is being hunted by the Tato Men. Also added to this crazy mix is Liam, the hit man who made quite impression on Matilda in Unlovable had gotten word about Matilda and the missing gold so has arrived to help much to Criux displeasure.

Book 3 here I come

Unbearable - Cynthia St. Aubin

wow another awesome read from Cynthia St.Aubin, this book really deserves more than 5 stars.

Having dealt with Cupid, the Easter Bunny and a crazy Leaprechan Melinda is now left to contend with A PSTD affected egg aka Humpty Dumpty as well as been hunted by the three bear because they think she can lead them to Goldilocks. Your favourite hit man Liam and resident Demi-god in Melinda's life make an appearance also to help her track down her kidnapped mother.

A funny, well written book that I couldn't put down and devoured in one sitting.

Just wish I didn't have to wait until September for the next book from the amazing writer

Unhoppy - Cynthia St. Aubin

Cynthia St.Aubin out did her self this time.

Having dealt with a grumpy cupid in the first book, a paranoid leprechaun in the second, this time Matilda is dealing with a suicidal Easter Bunny.
Also Adonis is now convinced he is in love with her added to her problem is someone is now black-mailing her.

This book had been in stitches from beginning to end and i ended up read it one sitting as i couldn't out it down.

Eagerly wait the release of her next book in June

Accidental Leigh - Melanie  James

A great and funny read. Read most of this one the train and while waiting for an appointment - was trying so hard not to laugh out loud it was so funny.

Leigh is a teacher on summer break, she loves to read and decides to try her hand at writing. After acquiring a free antique writing desk strange
things being to happen. Leigh has suddenly gained magical powers and tries to help her friends with a few spells but things keep going wrong.

Can she learn how to be a witch without hurting those closest to her?

I read this in less than a day and loved it so much I have brought the next book already so I wouldn't have to wait to read the squeal.

The Truth about Kadenburg - T.E. Ridener

Presley is doing the one thought she would never do return to her home town of Kadenburg. After a painful breakup with the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with its a hard home coming for her. Thankful she has her Uncle Arnold and her childhood friend Lorcan to help here though this time tough time.

Little does she know that her uncle has been keeping a secret from her that she has the ability to shape-shift into a bear. There is worse news to come she and the other bears must deal with pack of shape-shifting wolfs hell bent on wiping out the bears.

T.E. Ridener is an excellent writer her characters are well written so that you feel invested in their lives and want to know the outcome of the stories.
The is the 2nd series I have read of hers and loved all the books I have read so far. Just about to start the second book - Return to Kadenburg

This one read you won't regret

Return to Kadenburg - T.E. Ridener

T.E. Ridender has done it again Return to Kadenburg its another must read.

Presley, Lorcan, Dimitri and Greg being held captive by Breslin the crazy werewolf. The causes Lorcan's mother to put out a world wide call to all the bears for help. Mean while Liam's death has forced the sherif to call his son back to down for help hunting the killers - the werewolf's.

While once again Lorcan and Presley are the central characters in this book. The addition of new characters to the story works well and keeps the saga fresh and interesting. I must say I am totally thrilled that one of the new characters is Panada Bear by the name of Louisa. Can't wait to read more about her in the next book.

Will wait eagerly for the release of the next book The Siege of Kadenburg.

Kadenburg Revealed (The Kadenburg Shifters Series, Book 4) - T.E. Ridener

wow each book is better than the last if that is possible. This is the fourth book in The Kadenbrug Shifter's series which I love but this book is my favourite so far.

T.E. Ridener weaves her magic ones again and we find ourselves back in Kadenburg and its Christmas Time. Presley is still pregnant and eager to find out who her mysterious brother is that she learned about in "Siege of Kadenbrug" you do find out in this book OMG if you are a fan of this series you will love who it is.
Louisa and Greg romance heats up only to hit a snag when Greg's old flame shows up and Louisa catch's them kissing. Will Greg be able to convince Louisa that she is the only woman for him.
Dimitri and Rutley are still dealing with the side effects of their union with the mysterious Kia. The wolves finally give into their feelings for one another. Thank you Ms Ridener its something we have been wait for since book 1.
Will Natalie and Arnold get a second chance at love or is Arnold stubbornness going to leave both with broken hearts.
The Breslin tries to spoil Christmas and the happiness of the town with his evil plans but Louisa and Greg mange to put a cog in the works when they
spot a women being attacked in the forest - who is she and can she be saved.

What can I say but this book was so deliciously awesome and hot that it got devoured in one sitting - I stayed up late to read it as I had to know what happened.

Can't wait for the 5th book in the Series Reclaiming Kadenburg

You Rock Ms Ridener

The Water King's Bride (The Descendants Series, #2) - T.E. Ridener

I just couldn't put it down and I eagerly await the next book in this series

This book continues on from The Fire King's Daughter - Heidi and Isaiah continue to hunt for Heidi's father after he is kidnapped at the end of the first book. I love Heidi and Isaiah's growth in this book and you are routing for them all the way through the book.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, adventure with a touch of suspense and magick

Will definitely be reading more books by this author

A Love Story

Chartreuse - T.E. Ridener

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book as M/M romance - the only book I had read with this in it was very explicit sex scene and I wasn't a fan.

This book however is written by the talented T.E. Ridener and in the end its more about love of two special guys than about the sex.

Rowan moves to mall town Chartreuse after finishing vet school and recovering from finding his partner in bed with a women. A relationship is the last thing on his mind. Kasen mean while is a shy local who has never been in a relationship before. The two meet in the local dog park and a friendship develops then more but is this small town in Alabama ready for them. Who will be against them and who will stand by them.

This book is well worth a read even if not a big fan of M/M is more a love story than anything

The Fire King's Daughter - T.E. Ridener

Love this book - couldn't put it down

Heidi is Princess of the Fire people and Isaiah is Prince of the Ice People - they are polar opposites stuck together on earth. She is a bookworm and he is a playboy yet together they must battle a force threading both their kingdoms.

T.E. Ridener weaves a story of romance, loyalty and magick from beginning to end she pulls you into the story and you won't be disappointed. I loved it so much I have already started reading The Water King's Bride which is the next book in the series and I will be reading other books by this author

The Skeleton Key - Tara Moss

I love this instalment of Pandora English. I started to read it and 3 hours later i was finished. The storyline reels you in and hooks you, just could not put it down.
Spektor revels more secrets and Pandora learns more about being the 7th.
Pandora goes on a real date with Luke for the first time and Jay her first date in New York re-enters the picture still suffering amnesia from his encounter with the Blood Countess in the first book.
Can't wait for the next book

The Spider Goddess - Tara Moss

Another excellent chapter in Pandora's story. I couldn't put it down

True Colors - Melissa Pearl

For readers who like a touch of suspense with their Romance

Love this book - could it put it down.

This is the first book I have read by Melissa Pearl. I came across her and this book during its launch party on a Book Reviewing Facebook page.

A touch of Romance and touch of suspense woven into the drama of the final year of high school.

Caitlyn thought her life was perfect she was popular with a great best friend and now a great boyfriend but a chance encounter with a stranger givers her a gift that shows her that her life isn't quite as perfect as she first thought.

That most people show a mask of emotion totally different to what they really think and feel. Caitlyn's new gift or curse as she calls it stripes away those top layers revealing people true emotions.

That her so called perfect boyfriend is only after one thing, her best friend is kind of selfish and that something bad is happen at her school - that people are afraid of Liam even his girlfriend.

As Caitlyn slowly except her gift she finds love and friendship in some unexpected places.

This book had me hooked from beginning and I can't to wait for the other books in the Mask Series and to read other books Melissa Pearl has written

"I used to think I was Indecisive but now I'm not so sure "