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Kadenburg Revealed (The Kadenburg Shifters Series, Book 4) - T.E. Ridener

wow each book is better than the last if that is possible. This is the fourth book in The Kadenbrug Shifter's series which I love but this book is my favourite so far.

T.E. Ridener weaves her magic ones again and we find ourselves back in Kadenburg and its Christmas Time. Presley is still pregnant and eager to find out who her mysterious brother is that she learned about in "Siege of Kadenbrug" you do find out in this book OMG if you are a fan of this series you will love who it is.
Louisa and Greg romance heats up only to hit a snag when Greg's old flame shows up and Louisa catch's them kissing. Will Greg be able to convince Louisa that she is the only woman for him.
Dimitri and Rutley are still dealing with the side effects of their union with the mysterious Kia. The wolves finally give into their feelings for one another. Thank you Ms Ridener its something we have been wait for since book 1.
Will Natalie and Arnold get a second chance at love or is Arnold stubbornness going to leave both with broken hearts.
The Breslin tries to spoil Christmas and the happiness of the town with his evil plans but Louisa and Greg mange to put a cog in the works when they
spot a women being attacked in the forest - who is she and can she be saved.

What can I say but this book was so deliciously awesome and hot that it got devoured in one sitting - I stayed up late to read it as I had to know what happened.

Can't wait for the 5th book in the Series Reclaiming Kadenburg

You Rock Ms Ridener