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Breaking Angelina - Rita Webb, T.J. Webb

Loved it - devoured it just like the first book in the series.

Set before during and after the events in Playing Hooky. The story follows Angelina Emma's sister who has a terrible secret ever since she was a little girl she has been hearing voices in her head and they are not very nice, They want her to do things, things she wouldn't normally do and if she doesn't do what they want they hurt her. Soon she find herself stealing to pay Hunter a Chimaera to find her a Siren so she can perform a love spell on Jason her sister's best friend. Hunter find himself drawn to the tiny blond and feelings he thought he buried with his murdered wife and child soon begin to reserve there is something special about Angelina and she needs his help just not in the way she was expecting. Will the voices win or can Hunter save Angelina for the voices that threaten her sanity and those closest too her.

Can't wait to read the Taking Chances the next book in the series