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True Colors - Melissa Pearl

For readers who like a touch of suspense with their Romance

Love this book - could it put it down.

This is the first book I have read by Melissa Pearl. I came across her and this book during its launch party on a Book Reviewing Facebook page.

A touch of Romance and touch of suspense woven into the drama of the final year of high school.

Caitlyn thought her life was perfect she was popular with a great best friend and now a great boyfriend but a chance encounter with a stranger givers her a gift that shows her that her life isn't quite as perfect as she first thought.

That most people show a mask of emotion totally different to what they really think and feel. Caitlyn's new gift or curse as she calls it stripes away those top layers revealing people true emotions.

That her so called perfect boyfriend is only after one thing, her best friend is kind of selfish and that something bad is happen at her school - that people are afraid of Liam even his girlfriend.

As Caitlyn slowly except her gift she finds love and friendship in some unexpected places.

This book had me hooked from beginning and I can't to wait for the other books in the Mask Series and to read other books Melissa Pearl has written