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A Love Story

Chartreuse - T.E. Ridener

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book as M/M romance - the only book I had read with this in it was very explicit sex scene and I wasn't a fan.

This book however is written by the talented T.E. Ridener and in the end its more about love of two special guys than about the sex.

Rowan moves to mall town Chartreuse after finishing vet school and recovering from finding his partner in bed with a women. A relationship is the last thing on his mind. Kasen mean while is a shy local who has never been in a relationship before. The two meet in the local dog park and a friendship develops then more but is this small town in Alabama ready for them. Who will be against them and who will stand by them.

This book is well worth a read even if not a big fan of M/M is more a love story than anything