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Return to Kadenburg - T.E. Ridener

T.E. Ridender has done it again Return to Kadenburg its another must read.

Presley, Lorcan, Dimitri and Greg being held captive by Breslin the crazy werewolf. The causes Lorcan's mother to put out a world wide call to all the bears for help. Mean while Liam's death has forced the sherif to call his son back to down for help hunting the killers - the werewolf's.

While once again Lorcan and Presley are the central characters in this book. The addition of new characters to the story works well and keeps the saga fresh and interesting. I must say I am totally thrilled that one of the new characters is Panada Bear by the name of Louisa. Can't wait to read more about her in the next book.

Will wait eagerly for the release of the next book The Siege of Kadenburg.